Company philosophy



  • To search new way to success with new and modern solutions.
  • To suggest our clients what will make them competitive.
  • To be a seductive partner for the new generation specialists.





  • To be good in a good team
  • To approve our processes, to be faster and more flexible
  • To accept team’s success like our personal.




  • To develop the knowledge 
  • To enhance the qualification of our specialists
  • To be up to date with the newest technical trends






  • To make no compromises with the quality of the products and services, we suggest
  • To attach strictly and to develop the rooted system for management of quality ISO 9001:2008 in every single range of our activity





  • To admire the social values.
  • To respect our partners
  • To be a firm, where is worked with pleasure





  • To be responsible to the commitments
  • To be responsible to the environment


Our conviction

  • In Kastiva we profess the great value of making good according to our potentials. For our small contribution to the social charity Kastiva is nominated for “Benefactor of the year” for 2007.
  • According to our opinion: the biggest capital of modern Bulgaria are young people - good prepared and educated. They are guarantee for the general development. Kastiva conduct consecutive long term policy in support of Bulgarian’s Technical Universities. In many of them we equip work places about education of students, with most modern technology of automation.
  • In despite of hard times we live and work in, we never stop trying to embrace and share the good deeds.

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